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We take pride in crafting products you will want to wear and enjoy for years to come.

Screen printing is a time and labor-intensive process. When dealing with large orders, consistency and quality depend on expertise and a dedication to workmanship. At the end of the day, screen printing is an art. Blue Note Screen Printing & Embroidery has been practicing that art for 24 years and counting.

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Screen Printing

Step 1. Image Preparation

Your image is sized and separated into its constituent colors, then transparent film positives are created for each color in your design.

Step 2. Screen Preparation

A clean, dry screen is coated in one or more layers of a UV light-sensitive emulsion and allowed to dry. One screen is prepared for each color in your design.

Step 3. Image Exposure

A dry, coated screen is placed in an exposure unit on top of a film positive and exposed from below with high-intensity UV light for a specific time.

Step 4. Image Wash-Out

The screen is then sprayed with cold water until the emulsion that was blocked from the UV light by the film positive dissolves away, leaving a stencil for that particular color of the design.

Step 5. Next Color

The screen preparation, exposure, and wash-out processes are repeated until each color in the design has been burned into a separate screen, making the screens ready to be used for printing.

Step 6. Printing

The screens are then locked into separate print heads on a printing press, loaded with ink, and the design is printed onto a t-shirt when a squeegee pushes the ink through the stencil.

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