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We take pride in crafting products you will want to wear and enjoy for years to come.

Commercial machine embroidery is a demanding and exacting process. When dealing with large orders, consistency and quality depend on expertise and a dedication to workmanship. At the end of the day, embroidery is an art. Blue Note Screen Printing & Embroidery has been practicing that art for 24 years and counting.

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Step 1. Design Development

Your design is digitized into a stitch file using appropriate settings for stitch type, length, and angle for the type of garment being sewn. Lock stitches, trims, and color changes are inserted as needed.

Step 2. Backing & Topping

Different fabrics require different backing and topping, so the next step is to cut and size the required backing (and topping, if needed) for the type of garment to be sewn.

Step 3. Machine Setup

Needles are selected for the type of garment and design, and each needle is threaded on an embroidery head for each color. Bobbins are checked (and rechecked throughout the process).

Step 4. Hooping

The backing and topping are now hooped with the garment, maintaining proper tension, alignment, and the overall placement that is crucial for precise, quality stitching.

Step 5. Loading & Sewing

The design is now loaded into the embroidery machine, along with design-specific information. The hooped garment is placed onto the machine and the design is sewn into the garment.

Step 6. Finishing

When the design has finished sewing, the garment is removed from the hoop, backing and topping are removed, and the garment is steamed (if needed) and folded.

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